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The Sri Lankan hospitality continues in full swing. There never is a place in Serendib where you will not enjoy their hospitality. The Dambulla transit Hotel is only safe looking place in the town with well-trained, friendly staff, clean rooms and a good restaurant. Their papaya juice is a must. The bar is open in the evenings and the swimming pool looks inviting with the clean water amidst the trees and the farm beyond, with ducks enjoying their walk around. Reasonably priced, this hotel has a convenient location, especially if you intend exploring the ancient cities.

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The hotel also consists of a swimming pool while there are sun beds which are located around the pool area where you can relax and enjoy the sun and the view.


The hotel boasts of a well stocked bar while the restaurant can be used as a banquet hall which can also be used for weddings, workshops and other events.
The Gimanhala Hotel in Dambulla is famous for its mouth watering breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. The menu consists of a spicy authentic Sri Lankan cuisine and a wide variety of unique flavours that will help you savour the essence of local culinary delights. Guests can enjoy their meals at the open plan 'Ahara Pana Restaurant' or the dining hall.